My first travelogue: On the way to Zambia

In a few weeks SourceConnection (SC) will send out a new volunteer to Zambia to monitor the progress of our Agricultural Sustainability project. And this year the volunteer will be me: Pauline Thijssen Read more..



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Support Zambian Farmers in pursuing Their Success story!

Knowledge sharing & Conservation Agriculture in the spotlight during a Zambian Farmers’ conference.Read More…











See first, then believe, then change

The challenge for my first peer to peer meeting with Zambian farmers was clear: “How to convince a Zambian farmer that the farming methods he has been using since he learned farming and that his father and his grandfather before him practiced might not be the most efficient for him?”Read More…


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Shallow digging, Grand results

As we inform you about the progress of our current missions we consider it useful to our followers to devote a little more attention to the underlying principles of Source Connection’s agricultural and food security project. What makes it stand out from other agricultural projects, what successes where there, what kind of challenges lie ahead? These questions will be answered in our latest blog Read More…


Twee verhalen een missie

Twee verhalen een missie

Het eenzijdige beeld over het Afrikaanse continent veranderen. Het kennis maken met de wereld die ontwikkelingssamenwerking heet en het toevoegen van een verdiepend element aan een ongelooflijk avontuur. Met die opwindende doelen startte wij anderhalf jaar geleden met het plan dat uiteindelijk vorm kreeg in Stichting Read More…



Nienke in Zambia

Kennis als free handout

Een aantal weken geleden is Nienke Raap een gedreven en nieuwsgierige young professional begonnen aan een nieuwe missie voor Source Connection. Lees hier verder over haar drijfveren, verwachtingen en waarom zij zich verbonden voelt met Source Connection.   Read More …


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Harvesting success through sharing knowledge

“Knowledge can’t be stolen or taken away from anyone, once they have it, it empowers people forever” This is a quote from our local instructor Elias, about why Source Connection has made such an important impact on the life of rural farmers in Katombora and Mandia. The ultimate goal of Source Connection is two-fold: facilitating sustainability and market access. With what is called “slow” or “sustainable” farming Elias teaches local farmers how to harvest crops Read More…



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