Our mission

grant dryden

Through the Agricultural and Food security program Source Connection has been offering trainings to rural farmers in the Zambian regions Mandia and Katombora. This specific project has been launched in 2012 and will be effective until the end of 2017. The core mission of this project is twofold:

  • 1 Assist in establishing food security
  • 2 Facilitate independency through education: train farmers to become more self-suppling and less dependent on aid institutions.

It is especially the latter mission statement that makes this project stand out from other projects. By making use of minimal resources Source Connection encourages a way of farming that is accessible to all farmers. To ensure food security we consider it crucial that farmers develop confidence in their ability to sustain themselves through the means that are directly available to them.


Conservation Agriculture 

Together with a local actor called “Bountiful Grains Trust”, Source Connection has employed a local instructor, Elias, who facilitates trainings to rural farmers there. Elias adheres to a principle of farming called “Farming God’s way” or also called “Conservation Agriculture”. It rests on three main pillars:

  • 1 minimal soil disturbance – shallow ploughing of the soil. “In Farming God’s Way we encourage the least possible disturbance to allow for inputs & seed placement which results in a great saving in labor, soil, nutrients etc”. Grant Dryden.
  • 2 crop rotation – encourage farmers to harvest more than one type of crop
  • 3 soil organic cover – the waste from previous crops remains on the soils so that when it decays it naturally fertilize the ground. (see picture)

soilSoil organic cover
These three principles allow for a more sustainable way of farming which uses minimal resources, it therefore conforms to Source Connection its mission statement that exclaims self-sustainability.

The Road ahead

Over the years several success cases of Farming Gods way have become apparent and locals like Freddy and chief Siandavu, are strongly convinced of its potential and success thus far. The success takes shape in more successful harvesting, less soil disruption, but also in a more diverse harvest. Bringing more diversity to their crops allows farmers to become less dependent on just one crop alone, like for example mais.

One of the main challenges the project faces at the moment is related to the difficulty of changing one’s mindset. That it is why it is urgent that key players like Elias, chief Siandavu and Freddy continue to educate farmers around them and convince them of the successes of Farming Gods way. Currently, we use a sample well-watered garden during the trainings in order to display the workings and success of Farming Gods way. The serves as an incentive to the pupils and it will give them a more ‘hands one’ perspective on why harvesting in a sustainable way is key to successful farming.

Knowledge is key

people in katombara

We believe that by enabling people through education, the sense that they are dependent on aid institutions and hand-outs will decline. We seek to decrease the dependency ratio of Zambia by investing in Zambians directly, encouraging them to become self-sustainable and shape their own future.

Finally, we would like to warmly thank the continuous efforts of all our volunteers, supporters and our contacts persons in Zambia, for supporting the future together with Source Connection!



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