Knowledge sharing & Conservation Agriculture in the spotlight during a Zambian Farmers’ conference

Sons of thunder


SourceConnection is proud to announce that there will be a “Farming God’s way Leaders Conference” taking place during the upcoming days (13th of June till the 16th of June).

The Conference is a joint initiative of Sons of Thunder, trainers from Overland Missions and our dedicated FGW trainers. During this conference the principles of Conservation Agriculture will be the main points of discussion (see our last article). As we have specified before, FGW is a specific teaching method of Conservation Agriculture that is practiced in rural areas in Zambia and this Conference seeks to unite its main practitioners and potential enthusiasts.

The Conference will be a great chance for people that have been involved with Conservation Agriculture to get connected and to share experiences and ideas. However, some external support in facilitating the organization of such a conference is very much welcomed too..

So why should YOU support this initiative?

Soil Health

In order to answer that we would like to quote from a recent article regarding Conservation Agriculture in IPS News , wherein the Chef of the World Food Program Mr. Cousin states: “We hebben de oplossing in handen” This literally means: we have the solution in our hands. The article discusses the current drought and food scarcity in Zambia and proposes Conservation Agriculture as being THE solution. It explains how the method embraces minimal soil disruption and more variation in crop growing. When growing more different types of crops, a farmer is less dependent on the success of one harvest alone. Also, while disrupting the soil less, the soil is better equipped to handle heavy rainfall and thus able to prevent flooding that could destroy crops.

This recent Global News article thus builds upon what SourceConnection has been a firm believer in for years. Conservation Agriculture is THE future for farmers. Not only for Zambian farmers, but also for farmers in other African countries which are facing the same climate issues.

Why is this Conference so important to us and to FGW practitioners?

Einde van de training in MandiaThe idea of hosting such a conference complements the Agricultural Sustainability program that SourceConnection has been working on; by teaching farmers the methods of Conservation Agriculture though FGW, we will help them becoming more sustainable and self-sufficient. The key people behind this conference symbolise the success of FGW. These people have more than once proven to be valuable players for SourceConnection and their initiative to launch such a conference makes us smile of proudness. Not only because this marks a great success for SC and the promotion of Conservation Agriculture, but also because it is an initiative fully taken by Zambian farmers and fully supported by local organisations.

Supporting local initiatives like these is a way for us to encourage Zambian Farmers to take charge themselves! We at SourceConnection seek to facilitate and incentivize, not to dictate and hand-out. By encouraging farmers to connect and exchange we seek to further nurture a network that embraces Conservation Agriculture and thus a future in more sustainable farming.

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