“Knowledge can’t be stolen or taken away from anyone, once they have it, it empowers people forever”

This is a quote from our local instructor Elias, about why Source Connection has made such an important impact on the life of rural farmers in Katombora and Mandia. The ultimate goal of Source Connection is two-fold: facilitating sustainability and market access.

With what is called “slow” or “sustainable” farming Elias teaches local farmers how to harvest crops successfully with those tools and resources they have access to. Instead of providing the farmers with equipment or resources SourceConnection seeks to empower them by enabling them to explore their capabilities and by encouraging them to share that what they have learned with others. By adhering to “slow farming” the farmers will be able to sustain themselves and the surplus they hold they can sell to surrounding lodges and resorts.

“SourceConnection needs your help as we seek to invest in more people like Elias, in people who we call facilitators of knowledge”


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” I admire SourceConnection for putting the emphasis on local empowerment through knowledge transfer; in my opinion both essential ingredients in creating sustainable human development.”



Every 6 months SourceConnection sends out a volunteer to monitor the progress of the project and to identify areas of opportunity and constraint. This time it is Nienke Raap, a woman passionate about rural development who in line with the board of SourceConnection, strongly believes that development starts on an individual level.

“As a volunteer for Source Connection I will be supporting the agricultural trainings we provide to smallholder farmers in Mandia and Katombora . In the process, I hope to learn as much as I can from participating farmers and their families”

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